Airbnb expands hotel room resources

2019/9/4 9:08:08
Airbnb has been deliberately keeping its distance from hotels since it started with residential accommodation, and its marketing outlets are also the "localization experience" sought after by many millennials. But with the growing size of Airbnb, in order to meet the diverse needs of customers and the growing appetite of investors, hotels have become a territory they have to step into.
Airbnb has cooperated with about 30 boutique hotel brands in China, including Luggage Hostel Group, a hotel cultural experience integration agency. Airbnb did not respond positively to this. But in communication with Luggage Hostel Group, we know that the two have indeed reached strategic cooperation.
As Airbnb's global community continues to grow, more and more tenants hope that we can provide a wider choice of accommodation types. Excellent hotels are also part of different types of rooms in Airbnb, which better meet the diverse needs of different types of tenants. From the official procedures of luggage lodging, we can see that there are 18 brand "Wadang Washer", "Wadang Washer CLUB" 1, and "both down the hill" 4. Liu Xiaolu, the head of Luggage Hostel Group, said that at present there are 9 hotels in Wadang Washer in Airbnb, and 3 hotels in downhill.
Because the operation mode of boutique hotels is different from that of non-standard products such as boarding and lodging, the main source of luggage and lodging traffic is the domestic strong OTA platform for the time being. In terms of brand tonality, Airbnb is very similar to luggage accommodation. For more and more types of residential or hotel released on Airbnb, some industry insiders believe that as a platform, the richness of housing resources is one of the strength of the platform. It is not difficult to understand that the Airbnb team will continue to search for more housing resources online to increase supply.
As long as the conditions of all-weather operation and management of housing resources and timely response to tenants'questions are met, both owners and managers of housing resources can release housing resources. According to this standard, managers of residential, Hotel and chain hotels can release their rooms in Airbnb.
Customer service said that if the publisher has more than one room, each room should be uploaded separately. Airbnb now has no batch management methods and tools. It is understood that some of the larger brands will directly dock with Airbnb in the form of API.
From the point of view of user experience, you can see many houses on one page at each point, but only one type of house. If you want to search for the same landlord's other housing types, you need to click on the landlord's head to view. If you want to see the same brand in other parts of the room, if not the same landlord, with the brand can not jump directly, you need to re-search brand keywords. This has little impact on the non-chain accommodation, but for the hotel audience, it is not convenient to use.
Since 2014, Airbnb has been developing business and travel around the world. Compared with residential accommodation, business travel business has higher profit and frequency, but it also needs more standardized and certainty products. The increase of hotel accommodation also helps Airbnb China's business travel business to some extent. According to people familiar with the situation, Airbnb has cooperated with Huawei and other companies with more outbound business.